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Universal Wireless Charger with Cooling Fan

Universal Wireless Charger with Cooling Fan

Universal Wireless Charger with Cooling Fan

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It’s inevitable at some point during your day you experience low battery on your phone.  With all that we do with our electronic devices today like Wi-Fi and apps we use daily, low battery can occur more than once during your day and be quite inconvenient.  It is a great benefit to find charging options that don’t have you running to an electrical outlet every time you need to charge.  This wireless charger will provide that for you!

Wireless chargers are showing up in more public places these days like airports, hotels, shopping malls and gathering locations. Another benefit is that wireless charging is universal which means you can eliminate the need for multiple wires!

Compatible with: iPhone 8/8Plus/X NOTE 8/NOTE 5, S6Plus, S7, S7Plus, S8, S8Plus, Nokia Lumia 920, LG Nexus 4, Galaxy S3, Note 2, Galaxy S4 with receiver and any Qi-enabled Devices.


Why can’t I use fast charge?

Reason 1: Your charging adapter is not a Quick Charge adapter. And if you use a computer as power source, the charging voltage may be too low to work.

Reason 2: Your phone will be in fast charging mode at the beginning and automatically switch into normal charging mode if temperature rises, which is normally due to its charging protection.



1) The protective case is normally suggested to be removed as it will affect charging or may lead to overheating.

2) Fast adapter like QC2.0 adapter or above adapter (not included) is highly recommended, original adapter and cables can be used for connecting.

3) FCC/RoHS/CE Certification. With the built-in overcharge, over discharge, over power, overcurrent, overvoltage, over temperature, intelligent identification and short circuit prevention features, we ensure ultimate safety for your cell phone!


Package includes:

1 x Wireless charger

1 x Micro Cable(Not included the AC Adapter)

1 x Instructions 

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